Bring on the newborns! {North Vancouver Newborn Photographer}

As mentioned in my previous post, I have some big changes planned for 2016.  I’ll be taking a break from April to Sept (more info here), and until then, I’ve decided to move from my home studio to a commercial space in the Lower Lonsdale area of North Vancouver!  The studio is in an historic building at the corner of Lonsdale & 1st, has high ceilings, big windows, and is still very comfy for clients.  The plan is to book as many newborns as I can, and see how my clients and I like the space.  Hopefully when I open up shop again in the fall, I’ll have a clear vision of which direction to head business wise… newborn vs family, home vs commercial studio… we’ll see!  For now, I’m so excited to get back to where this all began… bring on the newborns!

So, before my January newborns were born, I put out a model call to try out the light in the new space, and also to get back in the swing of posing newborns after a fall season full of outdoor family sessions.  I was lucky to have a lot of babies to choose from, but this beautiful boy was an easy choice.  He was just under a week old, over 9 lbs, and look at his hair!  Although I only promise 5 images for model calls, I couldn’t just leave these ones on my hard drive… mama gets a full gallery, and here are some of my favourites!

North Vancouver Newborn Photographer
North Vancouver Newborn Photographer
North Vancouver Newborn Photographer
North Vancouver Newborn Photographer



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Esther - These newborn photos are absolutely gorgeous. So much squish!!! Love it. Best wishes with your new photography studio, here’s to more sleepy babies!

Samantha - Wow these newborn photos are an amazing work of art! I’m definitely a fan of the studio photography. These photos are so moving. The texture of the baby’s skin, the itsy bitsy teeny tiny toe nails, the lines on the bottom of his feet… I can almost smell that sweet baby smell!!

Kathy - Oh my goodness! What a cute little squish! I love all of that gorgeous dark hair! (my babies were both born bald, so I am always envious of lush baby hair!) What an amazing opportunity for this new Mom, to get photos of her new little baby, and for you to try out the light in your new studio space. How exciting for the both of you!

Melanie - Ohhhh I love this newborn session! Look at those little tiny newborn baby toes!! Beautiful photography!

Beth Crossman - Yes, Laura, he was over 9 pounds when he was born a week earlier! He was definitely a good sleeper already, hopefully that’ll keep up for his mom 🙂

Corey - What a beautiful newborn session! I love the neutral colors and the natural feel to these. The ones with his mother are absolutely precious.

Christine D - I can see why this baby boy got a whole gallery! There is such a great variety in this newborn portrait session, and he is just gorgeous. The light in that studio is pretty incredible too! It will be so hard for Vancouver families to wait for your break to be over!

laura - I just love newborns… squishy, sweet smelling, newborns. The light is perfect in your new North Vancouver studio. I feel certain you will continue in this beautiful space. And this baby… he is adorable… I want to squeeze him, haha! He’s just so peaceful, and what a beautiful face and awesome hair too. And he looks like a good sized baby? Hopefully that means he will sleep through the night soon!

Beth Crossman - Thanks, Eric! You’re correct, it’s natural light. My new studio has big, beautiful windows 🙂

Shannon - Gorgeous newborn images. I love all the detailed photographs and I bet these North Vancouver families are thrilled to have such beautiful keepsakes. Newborn photography is such a specialized field and you have such talent in capturing these fleeting moments.

Eric - So cute! I really miss my kids being that small. Can I ask how you lit this? Looks like natural light but I’m not totally sure.

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