Time for a change!

Happy New Year!! I’m both excited and nervous to announce a big change coming up: I’ll be closing up shop for a big part of 2016.

Since the day I started this business almost 3 years ago, I’ve been busy. SO busy. I’ve consistently had more inquiries than I could ever take on. I’ve gone from trying to figure it out, to being in awe, to just being incredibly grateful. I LOVE doing this, so I booked to my capacity and beyond (and luckily have a group of very talented local photographers to refer out to).

The thing is, being so busy isn’t always such a great thing, because eventually something’s got to give. In my case, it was the quality time I spent with my own babies, who aren’t babies anymore.

My youngest will be starting kindergarten in Sept, and I’ve decided to take a break this April forward. I hope to be more present with them, more well rested and therefore more patient. I hope to finally have time to make photo albums of my own family… I fell in love with photography as a child while sitting in my mom’s closet flipping through our 3 family albums over and over and over, and want my kids to get a chance to have that experience too. I hope to fit in a few photography courses I’ve been eyeing forever, and who knows, maybe I’ll even start cooking again?! We’ll see, no promises on that one 🙂

I’ll close with the first photo I’ve ever taken of my kids in the studio, just 2 weeks ago. Crazy, right? My babies, who get to come first again:

North Vancouver Photographer

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Dawn - Work and family is a delicate balance to maintain, but it sounds like you are doing a great job at recognizing where your time and energy is going to. I love this photo of your little ones, they are full of life and energy and are happy, which is a testament to the great mother they have!

Jenny Storment - I’m going to miss seeing all the beautiful newborn photographs you post, but good for you for taking time to spend with your own babies. Everybody needs a break now and then! It’s so important to make time for your family,especially when your children are still so little. Best wish, and I look forward to you coming back in the fall!

Nicola - Your two littles are so cute! I love this portrait of them. It can be so hard to find a good balance between time spent working and time spent with family, especially when we love our jobs. I definitely understand the need to take a break to be with those you love, and it is so important as little ones grow up way too quickly. I’ll miss seeing your newborn photography pop up in my feed but hopefully you’ll pop in now and again with some more portraits of your lovely kiddos. xo

Kathy - That work/life balance struggle is REAL! I can certainly relate to that. I am sure that North Vancouver will be missing one of their favorite newborn photographers during your absence, but I can think of no better reason to take a break! Enjoy those babies while they’re still babies. Time goes by too fast!

p.s. Your kiddos are adorable!

Brenden - What a gorgeous photo of you children hugging. It looks so genuine and sweet with their giggles. I think it’s so important for everyone (even when you don’t have kids) to step back and take a break once in awhile. It’s a great way to recharge and move forward even better than ever. Enjoy this time 🙂

Megan - I love the honesty and the reality in this post. Sometimes it is important to step back from what you love in order to embrace something more important. Beautiful!

Christine D - That is a beautiful portrait of your sweet babies! I hope it becomes a large canvas on your wall! But how admirable it is that you are going to take a break to give them your time. I do this job to help pay for my babies, but mine are older and at school or sports for hours which gives me time to work. I am able to schedule shoots around their activities and still be there for them, but that would not have been as easy when they were younger. You will not regret this decision at all!

Samantha - Awww I am so sorry to hear that you are taking a leave from the shop, but totally understand. It is so important that you spend time with your family, especially when they are little. I love the portrait of your children. Absolutely beautiful.

Jamie - They are adorable. I am also guilty of not spending as much time as I should with my little ones. I think that should be called photographer syndrome. Newborn photography can be so time consuming. Enjoy the time with your family.

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